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Don Giovanni – Marionette Theatre

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Don Giovanni – Marionette Theatre

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Enjoy the famous opera Don Giovanni, written by one of history's most talented composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This performance takes place at The Marionette Theatre in Prague. It is a real Czech specialty - and an enjoyable attraction for the whole family!


- Spend an evening at the famous Czech marionette theater
- Enjoy an opera for the whole family
- Listen to wonderful music by Mozart

What can I expect?

The National Marionette Theatre presents a new interpretation of the brilliant opera Don Giovanni, using tall marionettes, stylish period costumes, and original stage effects. This performance is presented in the original Italian libretto, written by Lorenzo Da Ponte, who was a dear friend of Mozart's. The skilled use of marionettes make this an nontraditional performance that will appeal to all ages.

Seeing Don Giovanni in Prague has special meaning, as the opera was composed specifically for this city and its people. The city fell in love with Mozart's work after another of his operas, The Marriage of Figaro, was performed there. The people of Prague wanted to hear more from this wonderful talent, and so Mozart presented them with Don Giovanni. He also personally conducted its world premiere on October 29th, 1787 at The Estates Theatre. 

Don Giovanni is considered to be Mozart's darkest opera. Don Giovanni is a young, arrogant, and licentious nobleman who abuses and outrages everyone around him. He doesn't care about the consequences of his actions or the people he hurts along the way. But as he refutes chance after chance to turn his life around, his world becomes darker and emptier. Will he finally change his ways-- or will he encounter something he cannot kill, dodge or outwit?

Did you know? The character of Don Giovanni is based upon the legendary Don Juan, who first appeared in European folklore in the 16th century!

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Adult (11+)
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Infant (0-2): Free of charge

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What’s not included?

Food and drinks.

From $ 32.60

Fri, 2 Dec 2022

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Running Time: 2 hours

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Don Giovanni – Marionette Theatre

Žatecká 98/1 110 00 Josefov


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