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Venue Info

Dinner at Restaurant 58 Eiffel Tower

Dinner at Restaurant 58 Eiffel Tower

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Dinner at Restaurant 58 Eiffel Tower

4.5 (281)
From $ 126.60

Skip the line and enjoy a scrumptious French dinner with panoramic views from the most famous landmark in Paris, the Eiffel Tower.  On the first level of the Eiffel Tower in the heart of Paris, 58 meters or 190 feet up, is Restaurant 58, a glass-walled restaurant with stunning views of Paris and succulent French cuisine.  It's the perfect way to spend an unforgettable night in the City of Light!  


- Enjoy a delicious dinner at Restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel
- Take in the panoramic views of Paris by night
- Skip the line with prebooked tickets
- The elevator ticket is included in the price
- Book tickets for the summit of the Eiffel Tower for even more spectacular views of Paris

What can I expect?

With Restaurant 58's sleek design and appetizing French food, it's the quintessential place for a night out in Paris.  The atmosphere in the restaurant is one of quiet comfort and tranquility, and the furniture is minimalist so as not to distract from the lights and beauty of the city. The restaurant has different colors in the evening. 

A hostess will welcome you and show you to your table where you will enjoy a chic and trendy menu with table service. 

How does it work?

Dress code: Casual and business casual are appropriate. Jackets and ties are not required.  Jeans, shorts, sneakers and sweats are not permitted. 

Smoking: Is not permitted in the restaurant.

Ticket categories

Children's rates are available for children under age 13.  

Opening hours

Opera dinner service starts at 6.30 PM and closes 9.00 PM. Premier dinner service starts 9.00 PM.


Print out voucher

Save time – Skip the line

Running Time: 2 hours

What’s included?

The elevator ticket to Restaurant 58 is included in the price. 

Tentation & Plaisir Menu: daily service from 6.30pm & ends 9.00pm - we advise you to show up at the Eiffel tower approximately 30 minutes before your scheduled meal. 
Sensation & Service Premier Menu: daily service from 9.00pm - we advise you to arrive at the Eiffel tower approximately 30 minutes before your scheduled meal. 

Opening hours


Dinner at Restaurant 58 Eiffel Tower

58 Tour Eiffel Eiffel Tower -1st floor Champ de Mars, Paris 7


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