Taking on Prague

Two weeks ago we launched a whole new niche in the Ticmate family, selling tickets to events in Prague. As always, the first language is Danish, and you find our beautiful new site at www.pragbilletter.dk, where we offer tickets to highlights and newfound gems in Prague. (I’m really looking forward to the beer tasting.)

Vstupenky pro New York

On the same note, and staying in the Czech Republic, we also opened www.listkynewyork.cz, our Czech site for tickets to events in New York.

Billets pour des Grands Prix de F1

Our f1 racing niche is on fast forward, and this month we opened up to the French speaking audience with www.billetsformule1.fr.

The racing season has started, and we have great hopes for the French racing fans. The next upcoming race is the Barcelona F1 Grand Prix.

Bilhetes em Roma

The fourth site, in this release is catering to our Portuguese speking friends in Brazil and Portugal, offering ticktets to the highlights of Rome: www.romabilhetes.com.

If I’ve counted correctly, this means that we now have 151 official sites (not counting the blogs).


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