Stockholm stands united against terror

IMG_0367Ticmate’s thoughts are with family and friends of the four deceased and the hundreds of people that managed to get away from the terror attack in the very street I have been living for many years. Especially the tragic fate of a 11-year-old girl who was waiting for her mum outside the store has left its trace in me.

At the same time, I’m very proud and impressed of how Stockholm and Sweden have handled the attack. Police officers and medical staff that without any hesitation ran right into the chaos, putting their own lives in danger, the investigators that in just a couple of hours could arrest the truck attack suspect alive and of course, the inhabitants of Stockholm keeping calm, their determination and outstanding helpfulness.IMG_0368The terrorists thought they could paralyze, confuse and win over us with terror and fear. They didn’t count on the power of love, humanity and diversity.

This Friday’s terror attack is an important reminder of the importance of democracy and to keep helping those who must escape from their countries to save their own lives because terror is happening there every day.

Ticmate has its headquarter in Stockholm and we have colleagues in several continents and customers from 110 countries. We promise that we will continue doing our best working for a bigger insight and understanding between different countries and cultures. We will also keep helping refugees that are victims of terror by Ticmate Charity.

As we stand unite they will never win.

Marcus Moeschlin
CEO & Founder of Ticmate




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