Sting’s musical ‘The Last Ship’

The Last Ship - a musical by StingThe Last Ship is a new musical by 16-time Grammy Award winner Sting. The musical is a portrait of a community so closely knit together by passion, faith and tradition, they’ll stop at nothing to preserve the only life they’ve ever known. The music and lyric are composed by Sting.

What is The Last Ship about?

The Last Ship is set in the English seafaring town of Wallsend, a close-knit community where life has always revolved around the local shipyard and the hardworking men who construct impressive vessels with much pride. But Gideon Fletcher dreams of a different future. He sets out to travel the world, leaving his life and his love behind.

You can read more about the musical here.

You can experience Sting’s musical The Last Ship at Neil Simon Theatre in New York.

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