Smartphone pocket map for London Underground

London Underground map and rout plannerDuring my last visit to London I looked in vain for the free pocket sized tube maps that I have used during previous visits. They just couln’t be found anymore. Such a pity, since effective travel through an old, vast and complicated subway network as the London Underground often includes at least one and often two or more changes. A map is an absolute necessity for effective underground travel.

However, we live in a digital world, and even if the entire London tube system is a black hole when it comes to mobile coverage, almost everyone sits with a phone in their hand. So of course, the best London tube map is digital today.

There’s an app for that

Of course, there’s an app for just about everything and there are several apps for route planning and maps for the London Underground.

I’ve tried several, and the best one is made by Visual IT Limited. In Google Play it goes by the name Tube Map London Underground and in Apple’s iTunes store it goes by the long name  London Underground Free – Map and route planner by Zuti. Both are great, both for the quick glance on the map and especially for advanced routing.

The app is free on both Android and iTunes. If you are really annoyed by the ads, there are also a pay version if you want to get rid of the ads and support the developers.

For really frequent London visitors, Zuti has also made a London Bus Free, and many other map and routing apps for major cities. Great stuff!

// Nikke

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