New at The London Dungeon: Can you catch Jack the Ripper?

Jack the RipperYou will need to keep your eyes sharp and your wits about you as you enter Dutfield’s Yard, the scene of Elizabeth Stride’s murder. The police officer at the scene will bring you up to date on the latest information. But the scene is rife with clues and you have just a few minutes to find the right ones to stop Jack striking again…

Beware as it looks like Jack was mid act and he may still be in the yard… Is that footsteps you hear?

Elizabeth Stride was Jack’s third victim. She was attacked on the 30th September 1888 – and was in first of two murders that evening. The evening was later dubbed ‘the night of the double murder’.

Alongside the terrifying tale Jack the Ripper’s double murder, the experience brings to life 1,000 years of London’s dark history with ample amounts of jumps and scares thrown in. Stories of Sweeney Todd and his side kick Mrs Lovett, Guy Fawkes and the Plague Doctor will deliver the ultimate summer day out.

Try to catch Jack the Ripper before it’s too late!

Limited run: July 17-September 3, 2017


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