Italian Football Announcement: Serie A Is on Fire!

Have you been secretly nostalgic for the past glory of Italian football for the past 15 years? Or maybe you know someone who is and you’re looking for the perfect gift? Or do you just want to watch a great football match with some name-dropping on the side?

Serie A has got your back this season! Flair, speed, tactics, and huge (HUGE!) names will make for unforgettable matches!

Everyone knows that Cristiano Ronaldo has moved to Juventus, and that just might be all you need to know to book some tickets. However, let us give you some more reasons: Four of the best players from World Cup finalist Croatia are playing in Serie A (the final’s goalscorers Mandzukic and Perisic, as well as Brozovic and Vrsaljko – the last three all playing for Inter!). On the other side of the final, French midfielder Matuidi is also playing in Italy.

Swedish goalkeeper Robin Olsen, a true revelation, has been signed by Roma, and just adds to Serie A’s Swedish colony (together with Hiljemark, Krafth, Helander, and Ingelsson).

Finally, Parma’s back, Pastore’s back, Ancelotti’s back, and Dybala, Icardi, Douglas Costa, Pjanic, Dzeko, and Higuaín never left.

Oh, before you start panicking trying to get your “supporter id” (tessera del tifoso, anyone?), don’t worry, you can book with us and skip all the hassle!


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