Fuerzabruta_on_Broadway_in_New_York_2The show Fuerzabruta took London by storm in 2006 and now it is finally back in London again. Tickets for Fuerzabruta in London is bought here at londonmusicaltickets.com

You have probably already realiced that this is not a musical but a spectacular show that will remind you about Cirque Du Soleil. Dreams becomes reality and reality becomes dreams. You have to see Fuerzabruta to be able to understand what it is. It’s a fantastic show with strange effects, moving walls, and circulating water over your head. You better not be affraid. This is a very different experience and it will take you a few days to sink it all in.

Fuerzabruta contains plenty of water, poetic, violent and beautiful scenes and a great soundtrack.Maybe you will be a little wet, maybe a little dirty but bring your friends and your dancing shoes and pamper yourself with an extraordinary experience!

Take this oppurtunity to find out why Fuerzabruta is the most talked about show in London for the moment! The show is available in New York at Broadway as well if that will cross your road.

/Ann-Chatrine Hellstrand

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