Five Tours to Try in Florence

Florence is one of the most beautiful European cities and the city is nothing short of a treasure chest of experiences for everyone. There’s much to do for the culturally interested, the history buffs and for those who find that the best way to take in a new city is through the stomach.

Experience the beautiful Duomo di Firenze with the iconic dome, visit the Uffizi Gallery one of the oldest and largest museums in the world or try a fun and educational food or wine tour and get a taste of the real Florence.

There are also many exciting tours , including transport back and forth.

Here are our recommendations to what you should experience in Florence:

1. Visit 

2. Try a 

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4. Try a fun and different

5. Experience the many cultural treasures at Visit 

The Uffizi Gallery is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world and an absolute must-see when visiting Florence. At The Uffizi Gallery, you’ll find incredible masterpieces made by some of the greatest artists that ever lived in Italy, such as Botticelli, Da Vinci and Michelangeloflorenze_4Try a 

If you are crazy about Italian food and would like to get some pointers to use at home, then this is the trip for you! This tour starts with a trip to the local farm food markets in the old part of Florence. Back at the kitchen you’ll learn how to make pasta from scratch and how to prepare delicious sauces like pesto and bolognese. And of course ending with a sweet dessert.

Once you’re done cooking, you can enjoy your hard work and wash down your freshly made lunch with some locale wines.  florenze_2Take a guided tour of 

The Duomo Cathedral is the busiest and most popular attraction in Florence, but if you purchase your tickets from home you can skip the long lines with a special priority access entrance ticket! Inside the Duomo, your local guide will take you on a fascinating tour of the history of the Duomo and tell you about Italian Renaissance giants such as Brunelleschi and Giotto.Try a fun and different 

Experience Florence in a new and fun way! A sightseeing tour on a segway is a great experience for families, couples and individuals – and by far the most fun way to explore a new city. You will see all the major sights, so you don’t miss a thing.Experience the many cultural treasure at the 

The Accademia holds many of Florence’s incredible art treasures, such as Michelangelo’s masterpiece David. This world-renowned art museum is a must-see, when you find yourself in the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Buy your ticket with skip the line entrance pass, then you’ll be inside and exploring away with your tour guide in no time. The newspaper was launched in 1981 additional idea and started edweek


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