ABBA The museum


Mamma Mia the musical plays to sold-out houses in both East End and on Broadway, and judging by the customer comments we receive, it seems that many people are affected by ABBA fever after seeing this cheerful and cozy musical.

You have seen the musical, listened to the music and now it’s possible to become a member of ABBA when you visit the new ABBA museum in Stockholm “Sweden”.
You are able to dress up in their legendary stage costumes, set up in a studio and become the fifth member on stage. What a feeling to record and get access to your personal ID! Besides this, you are able to have a look at the members’ gold records, clothes, etc.,the idea is that you should be a big part of the experience.

A customer wrote; Mamma Mia is wonderful! We felt lucky when we left the theater. A real “feel good” musical!

Could it be that this museum create the same feeling? We will let you know after our visit.


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