6 Reasons Not to Sleep in New York

The list of things to do in New York is seemingly endless. No wonder they call it the city that never sleeps. There’s so much to do and see you don’t have the time. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled six of our most popular products in New York. Here are six excellent reasons not to sleep!

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It’s not for nothing that Aladdin the Musical has been called the new Lion King! This incredible new Broadway musical is not to be missed and a good reason not to hit the sack early!


Shopping in New York is the stuff dreams are made of. Why not save a buck or hundreds while you’re at it? Make sure to catch the bus to Woodbury Shopping Outlet and save on everything from designer labels to well-known brands! You’ll definitely sleep better after a day of shopping!


New York is world-famous for its amazing skyline. We highly recommend seeing the skyline at sunset or after dark! Enjoy the view from the city’s newest iconic skyscraper the Freedom Tower, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. With your prebooked tickets, you even get to skip the line to one of New York’s newest attractions!


Buy your FreeStyle Pass from home and make your every own sightseeing package! Enjoy 72 hours sightseeing with the red Hop-On Hop-Off buses, choose between THREE or FIVE optional attractions and start using your pass date anytime within a month. You’ll have so much to see and do you’ll hardly have time to sleep!


The Eat and Play Card is New York’s only discount card for tourists providing savings on virtually everything from dining to attractions and from shopping to shows. Just 1 card is valid for up to 4 people at 100 popular places in Manhattan and saves you up to 50%! The more you use it the more you save, so there’s absolutely no reason to go to bed early!


The observation deck at the top of Rockerfeller Center, Top of the Rock, offers exceptional 360-degree views over Manhattan and Central Park. Skip the line to this incredible NY-attraction, just jump on board one of the glass ceiling sky shuttles for an exciting ride to the top, where you will find three stories of spectacular views, including stunning, open air outdoor decks. Experience New York at night and end your day on a high before heading to dreamland!


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