Movie Stars go to Broadway

This season you can find several big movie stars on stage on Broadway – both New York and London. In New York you can experience the American actor Matthew Broderick, known from his roles in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ and ‘Godzilla’, in the play , a Broadway comedy about Broadway comedies.  

The show is played at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre and written by four time Tony winner Terrence McNally. The play is about theatre at its best and theatre people behaving their not-so-best. Matthew Broderick has the leading role as Peter Austin, who is more than excited to see if his new play will be well-received.

At Cort Theatre in New York you can experience Harry Potter-star Daniel Radcliffe in the play. The story plays out on a little deserted island, Inishmann, outside the coast of Ireland. Rumors start to spread that a Hollywood movie is being filmed on the neighboring island Inishmore. Daniel Radcliffe plays the young Cripple Billy, who desperately wants to be part of the movie, if for nothing else than to break free from his boring life.

It is a beautiful story about a young boy’s transformation from childhood to adulthood under extraordinary circumstances.

The American newspaper The New York Times praise the play and writes, “Daniel Radcliffe delivers his finest performance to date. He is remarkable”.

In London you can experience the American movie star Lindsay Lohan in her first theatre role ever at The Playhouse Theatre. is the story of Karen, who ruins two movie producers’ chance for getting their big breakthrough. The role was originally played in New York in 1988 by no other than Madonna. Use new school construction and renovation conversations as opportunities to think differently see the forum about the design of learning environments. The play runs from the end of September to late November.


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