F1 Racing – a new niche for Ticmate

Wroooooooom! Now you can purchase tickets to Formula 1 racing from Ticmate. Our first site in this niche is in Danish: formel1billetter.dk but other languages will follow suite. Next month, the Swedish F1 site will be up, followed by it’s Finnish sybling and in due time we will have F1 sites in all the languages we cover.

The first grand prix we sell ticket to is the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. Followed by Monaco Grand Prix, Hungary… and all the European F1 Grand Prix races.

But that’s not all. Our new Formula 1 sites will sell tickets to most Grand Prix races over the world, which means that Ticmate now is selling tickets to events in Asia, Australia and South America – which makes us active on all five continents.

It all started with musical tickets and theare tickets i London. From there we went on to sell tickets to football (or soccer if you are from that part of the world) all over Europe and specially in Barcelona (where we now sell 1% of the tickets to some games). Then we broadened our area even more and started selling tickets to museums, guided tours and popular sights in London, New York, Paris, Barcelona and Rome (not yet in English). Now we have the gazoline smell in our nostrils and feel ready to embrace the racing cirkus.

If we’re excited? Well, guess! Formel1billetter.dk is our 139th site in the network. If you want to see a full listing over all our sites, see the footer on www.ticmate.com.



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