Derby in Rome: Lazio – Roma, October 16

This week’s football game is something of a middle game without too many hot encounters. The exception is Italy, where we in the capital find one of the world’s hottest derbies, between Lazio and Roma.

If anyone asks which ones are the biggest teams in Italy, I think that most answers: Inter, Milan, Juventus and Roma, some might even say Napoli. Lazio have won the league twice, the last time was in 2001. Roma has won three times, last time was in 2002. After that Northern Italy has taken over. Nevertheless, it is rarely an easy task to visit the Olympic Stadium. Roma is almost always a Champions League team and Lazio are the most popular team in Rome, exactly as City always has been the major team in Manchester. But despite the lack of qualified success “derbi della capitale” has not lost the spark. Italian football and Serie A is acclaimed by many experts, and football is still the largest sport in Italy. But despite that, there are few who come to the matches. Expensive ticket prices and the dominance of the largest football teams makes the smaller teams supporters to stay home, after the Calciopolli scandal Milan and Juventus has dropped, probably because the fans do not fully trust the clubs. Inter took over power when Milan and Juventus dropped, and they even had one of the best crowd averages in the world. But with success there will also be the success supporters and with setbacks they disappear, now I would say that Napoli has the best audience in Italy.

However, it is still no match in Italy, that beats the Rome derby sonically, one of the largest stadiums with over 80,000 seats, 20,000 of each “curve” that supports their men. Q I recently bought an apple tv, and am loving the ability to display my photos from my mac in my living room when friends and family come over. One blue. One maroon red. Lazio are seventh and Roma, are found one position above after five rounds played. So what have we to expect from the game? Now the teams is really evenly in the table but a derby still does not usually have any influence on the table. Both teams have been strengthened, Lazio with the goal canon Miroslav Klose, the complete striker Floccari and then Zaraté who could enter well in the end, behind them, we find Hernandez who are not used to leave the plan dissatisfied. It looks worse farther back, no heavy names, possibly Ledesma on the edge, but he is not much next to Pjanic or Totti. Lazio’s chance is to fight hard, having a bigger possession of the ball in offence and use their chances. Roma, however, has worked hard this season, with the strongest squad in a long time, great things are expected, however, it is difficult to put together a team right away. New coach, from Barcelonas B team, Luis Enrique has brought Bojan Kirkic and the whole Barcelona team. Pjanic and Totti is one of the series’ best midfield pair and Vucinic will almost always make goal. Considering Inter and Milan’s failures in the season start, they’ll probably be there fighting at the top of the table again this year. Roma are on the paper the better team and if they just have to keep themselves cool, so they get an early goal, they can roll around and get Lazio to take excessive risks. My tip: 1 – 3. Most likely, an action-packed match where the match in the stands will draw just as much interest. Lazio scores first, Klose next, on the corner in the middle of the first half. At the beginning of second half Vucinic rolls in the equalizer and around the 75th Totti scores a penalty kick. Lazio will be on and in the 88th Roma sets the final result. // Love Lindqvist



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