David Bowie’s Lazarus is coming to London

Lazarus the new musical by David Bowie and Enda Walsh opens in London October 25, 2016, at King’s Cross Theatre.

Lazarus the Musical is inspired by the book, The Man Who Fell To Earth, and focuses on Thomas Newton, as he remains still on Earth – a ‘man’ unable to die, his head soaked in cheap gin and haunted by a past love. We follow Newton during the course of a few days where the arrival of another lost soul – might set him finally free.

Lazarus originally opened in New York, on Off-Broadway the New York theatre project, on December 7, 2015, shortly before David Bowie’s death from cancer.

Lazarus features new songs specially composed by David Bowie as well as new arrangements of previously recorded songs including ‘Changes’, ‘Absolute Beginners’ and ‘The Man Who Sold The Earth’.

Make sure to get your tickets for this highly anticipated musical, book in advance!

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