Christmas Time in Paris

Paris in December is magical. Nothing less. As winter is taking over and the days are getting shorter, the City of Light really lives up to its name!

Imagine Paris’ iconic monuments and streets, then add strings of fairy lights, glittering snowflakes and garlands – and then you have yourself the essence of Paris at Christmas. The majestic Eiffel Tower sparkles even more beautifully and the streets and squares get wrapped in beautiful lights.

Flights and hotels are often cheaper during winter, so now is the perfect time to rip a few days out of your calendar and take a loved one (or several) by the hand and fly off to Paris.

Shop your Christmas gifts, visit a Christmas market, enjoy a show, spend a day at Disneyland Paris, explore a winter exhibit at one of the city’s many museums or visit some of the city’s famous sights and attractions.

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