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Book your tickets to our extensive range of event in New York. Purchase tickets for a helicopter ride along the Manhattan Skyline, a visit to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island or the Empire State Building, Enjoy Gospel in Harlem, see your favorite movie sites in New York, join the girls from Sex and the City or what about a cruise down the Hudson River? Enjoy a show or two on Broadway - book your tickets at Ticmate!

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Disney's The Lion King - Broadway

Disney's The Lion King - Broadway


Experience one of our most popular musicals - The Lion King in New York! It's a fun and captivating musical experience for the entire family! Enjoy the beautiful staging and costumes, moving music and a thrilling story about Simba's journey. Make sure to get tickets before you leave home!

From $ 140.90
The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera - Broadway


Experience Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera, the longest-running musical on Broadway! Treat yourself to a classic musical experience, make sure you get your tickets from home!

From $ 113.40
Cirque du Soleil Paramour

Cirque du Soleil Paramour

Prepare to get swept off your feet by Paramour, a wild and passionate new experience that unites the signature spectacle of Cirque du Soleil with the storytelling magic and music that define Broadway. Make sure to book your tickets from home and get the best seats!

From $ 136.40
New York Airport Shuttle

New York Airport Shuttle

Book your New York airport transfer between JFK airport, Newark airport or La Guardia airport to Manhattan. Here you can purchase your shared airport transfer in minibus. Book your New York Airport Transfer here!

From $ 19.00
In Transit

In Transit

In Transit is a new, modern musical, bringing to life a vivid tapestry of characters and music in the city that never sleeps or stands still. Book your tickets here!

From $ 81.30